God , matter, non-matter, space, energy and time (3)

I ended up the last sequel with a greeting and a message of love. I did it because love is a way of communication among living beings, humans, animals and plants. God has sent us love as a tool of communication and the way of life in general. Therefore love is never superfluous. To call someone a friend, honey, sweetheart, brother, sister is not pathetic exaggeration, as some people think. God has bestowed upon living beings other means of communication, thinking, work, peace, speaking, sound, book, war etc. You read it right, the war comes from God. I am becoming boring now with my opinion that God perfects us through life. God perfects us through peace and through war. War and peace ratio in time is 20 to 1. To clarify, this means on every 20 years of peace comes one year of war on average. There were most wars In Europe, but Europe is nevertheless the most developed. Half of Asia and half of Africa want to immigrate to Europe. This is unacceptable because Europe, despite the numerous wars, is the most populous continent. Therefore people should live in Asia and Africa and Europe should help them to live better. Energy is a tool used by God. God is not an old man who is watching from heaven what do we do, do we lie, masturbate, steal or curse. God is a democrat and loves us and does not want to create machines out of us but free beings who choose their actions and answer for their actions. Light is a tool used by God. Heat is energy. God stores non-matter in black holes, the energy in the stars and the matter in planets. It is logical that God himself lives on one of the planets. I have alreadyContinue reading


God, matter, non-matter, space, energy and time (2)

To resume: G = God M = matter N = non-matter I = idea E = energy P = process S = space m = mass c = speed. I am intentionally not putting that c is the speed of light but speed in general. Speed is a feature of the process of intertwining matter and non-matter. The speed of light is the speed, the speed of the aircraft is speed, the speed of the car is speed, the speed of the animal is speed and the speed of development of the plant is speed. Mass is perhaps also relative, and not just the time. Mass may depend on gravity and other forces. Now I have to explain what the force is but I will leave it to my third sequel. Why is Einstein´s speed squared? Why and what are the evidences? In this second sequel, I will deal with a man. Man is a living being just like the animals and plants. He is a harmony of matter and non-matter but the harmony is time-limited. Since time is relative, life is relative as well. It ends with the soul separating from the body. God perfects the man through life. God perfects both animals and plants. When life ends material part of man does not remain the same but is transformed into humus. The bones last longer but at the end after a long time they turn into humus. Some biologists believe that the humus is also alive. That argument should be considered carefully because microorganisms, worms and insects are alive but not all is alive in humus. What about the soul? It separates from the body and goes somewhere. The priests say that souls go to heaven or hell and for such a claim they do not give evidence.Continue reading


God , matter, non-matter, space, energy and time (1) The hypothesis of the existence

I will try to write down my thoughts about these terms, as wel as about other main terms of existence. Materialist philosophers believed that God and matter are the same, and they would put sign of equality between the two. This is the point where religion and materialism meet. Idealist philosophers believed that first an idea was created, and then everything else originated from the idea. They would put sign of equality between God and the idea. Thinkers are philosophers, physicists, chemists, engineers, writers, painters and all those who thought and wrote about the existence, God, the universe and life. Materialists considered G=M, while idealists considered G=I, where G= God, M=matter, I=idea. I believe GOD=Matter+Non-matter. I don´t like naming matter the antimatter, because non-matter isn´t something against the matter nor does it destroy the matter as some think. Perhaps matter and non-matter cooperate, perhaps they are in compliance or are interwoven in existence. I think that B = M + N, where N is the non-matter. So God is the harmony of matter and non-matter. The man is prone to name the same terms with different names due to ignorance. Therefore, I will temporarily put the sign of equality between the non-matter and idea, so I = N. I have no evidence for this claim and that is why I call this formula temporary. People are far more familiar with the matter than the non-matter. Albert Einstein laid the formula E = mc². In this formula E = energy, m = mass, and c = the speed of light. I ask why he used the speed of light. The speed of light is the fastest speed known to man. There are other speeds. What about them? What is energy? Einstein does not define the energy and the only thing IContinue reading


Vojvodina cultural community

In Novi Sad, Thursday, 08.10.2015 was held the founding meeting of the Vojvodina cultural community as part of the Culture dreams Zagreb.Zdravko Odorčić was present who said that people in the region need to be better acquainted. An attempt was made with the sport but it goes quite lame. This may be because the culture is certainly cultured man lives intensely and let live. I’d say they should get to know their culture and the culture of neighbors and others. It enriches the personality and the person becomes more tolerant. What about those people who are not tolerant because they are primitive. And they have cultural needs and that can be seen in the adoption of turbo-folk as a kind of music. I’m not the sole critic turbo-folk because it is better to sing and cheer than war. There were about 20 people, writers, painters, professors of literature and language, journalists and other professionals in the culture. Already at the founding conference attendees recited his poems as a good sign. It was agreed that the circle is open to all and we meet once a month in the same place at the same time.


What are angels?

I think it is an alien spacecraft that are sent by God to help us. Of course these are the people with the planet where the highly developed civilization so that they can descend on Earth without problems and in secret. Why the secrecy? Because to public ceremonial lowering caused havoc on Earth and it would cause fear and many people lost their lives and material damages would be enormous. It is better to help people in secret without the pomp and make contact with a man from the planet Earth. If the man said he made contact with aliens they put him in a mental institution for life. Therefore the wise man is silent, angels provide information and help them in their mission.


Man is not perfect

A man who lives on planet Earth is not perfect God perfects us through life. Do not get mad at people who do things you do harm out of ignorance. Angry only to people who do something intentionally. I do not live in the past but in the present. In the future do not worry, God cares about our future, that noble gentleman who takes care of us even when we do not believe it, and even when sworn. He’s a great noble Lord who loves us.